Wee Houses Notes #2

Some bookmarks here because I’m already drowning in them in my browser:

Small Living Journal

I would make a list of everything you want to pack around with you in your little house. My personal goal is to be able to pack every thing I own into 3 medium sized boxes.

Constructing a simpler life Inactive?

Apparently, not one Katrina Cottage has been built in New Orleans or Louisiana in the two years since the $75 million grant was awarded by FEMA to provide homes for those displaced by Katrina and Rita. BUT, in Mississippi, thousands of cottages have been completed with their $281 million grant. You might be wondering how that could be, and no doubt, Jay Shafer was right about this one: “Mississippi was able to avoid lengthy and complicated environmental regulations by putting their homes on wheels.”

Tiny House Talk

Tiny House Living

Simple Living Resources

Tiny House Journal

Laptop and a Rifle

Tiny House Project


Tiny Homes: “An Icon of Freedom”

Tiny houses are a captivating illustration of how wonderful a simple life can be.

Living Large in a Little House

I think my smaller life has offered me a clearer picture of the difference between what I want and what I need.

Google has let me down. I can’t seem to find any blog that’s devoted to folding furniture. Does anybody know of one?

Note: Even though I did this post in Chrome, I had to insert P and BR again. WTF Tumblr? Simple? No.


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