HP + Palm = WOW

July 2, 2010

This is a Comment I left at Palm Infocenter. I don’t want it to get lost later.

Really, did any of you bother to watch the video and actually LISTEN?

HP has established relationships with every damned carrier. HP’s SMS software is the MIDDLEWARE everyone in the cellphone space uses. This gives webOS an advantage NO OTHER OS can hope for. HP has had a trusted long-term relationship with all those vendors, unlike either Apple or Google. If HP says, “Look, put this webOS middleware on your network and carry our devices, and we’ll all clean up like hell” — carriers will listen and DO.

I also didn’t know about these frikkin apps already built-into HP’s printers.

And that HP guy in that video has one hell of an impressive resume going there. Plus, he came out of retirement to work at HP. Someone like him could have gone anywhere, but he went to HP. He had to have liked what HP told him they wanted to do.

And I also liked the fact one of the first things HP did was run a contest with all the engineers to build webOS apps. DAHYUM! Talk about everyone getting hands-on experience with it! All those engineers could also look at it and immediately see what heavyweight things would improve webOS.

If Apple and Google have been laughing at Palm, they’d better start paying attention. The sh*t is going to start to getting serious soon.

That YouTube video is here.