SOLVED! Stop Windows Explorer Crashes With AVI Files

July 4, 2010

It’s been driving me mad, this. Every time I handle an AVI file of a certain size or more than one at a time, Windows Explorer in XP “has a problem” and drops dead.

I Googled this and it’s been driving thousands (millions?) of others insane too.

Today, I found the solution!

1) Go to Control Panel

2) Open Folder Options

3) Change the setting to what is highlighted in RED:

This will change the windows from this, with the crap on the left:

To this, without the crap:

After that, I have had no more Windows Explorer “problems” when handling AVI files!

NOTE: Use this option only when handling AVI files. Because it will disable plugins to Windows Explorer. I use the plugin for Photo Toolkit, and that’s gone when I do this change. But after I’m through handling AVI files, I just go back to Control Panel, change the setting back to Show Common Tasks, and Photo Toolkit’s plugin is available again.