Cable sync to Palm Desktop. I think everyone should have the right to choose. And I choose NOT to send my data to the cloud. Know why my fingers get sore? Cause I have to type everything by hand, because even the available sync apps do it all via the cloud or don’t sync everything I need.
Yes, something like that. I do not want my PIM data in the Cloud at all.

July 5, 2010

10 Features & Apps I Want on webOS « Pamela Hazelton


July 5, 2010

By now, you probably think your opinion of Goldman Sachs and its swarm of Wall Street allies has rock-bottomed at raw loathing. You’re wrong. There’s more. It turns out the most destructive of all their recent acts has barely been discussed at all. Here’s the rest. This is the story of how some of the richest people in the world – Goldman, Deutsche Bank, the traders at Merrill Lynch, and more – have caused the starvation of some of the poorest people in the world, just so they could make a fatter profit.

How Goldman Sachs gambled on starving the world’s poor – and won : Johann Hari

Experimental Tumblring

July 5, 2010

It turns out the Tumblr bookmarklet will not work with Firefox 2.x. This is disappointing.

It works fine with Chrome. So I have been giving it a go, dumping stuff here that I’d usually put in Diigo (and then forget about).

The only problem with this scheme is that I use Firefox 2.x for browsing — because I like the TwitterFox (now Echofon) extension for Twitter.

So now I wind up with Firefox and Chrome open at the same time.

Who said machines were supposed to save us time and work?

July 5, 2010

Mr. Prechter is convinced we have entered a market decline of staggering proportions – perhaps the biggest of the last 300 years.

In a series of phone conversations and e-mail exchanges last week, he said that no other forecaster was likely to accept his reasoning, which is based on his version of the Elliott Wave theory – a technical approach to market analysis that he embraces with evangelical fervour.

Originating in the writings of Ralph Nelson Elliott, an obscure accountant who found repetitive patterns, or “fractals,” in the stock market of the 1930s and ‘40s, the theory suggests that an epic downswing is under way, Mr. Prechter said. But he argued that even skeptical investors should take his advice seriously.

Get out of stocks, Robert Prechter warns – The Globe and Mail

California is tightening faster than Greece. State workers have seen a 14pc fall in earnings this year due to forced furloughs. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is cutting pay for 200,000 state workers to the minimum wage of $7.25 an hour to cover his $19bn (£15bn) deficit. Can Illinois be far behind? The state has a deficit of $12bn and is $5bn in arrears to schools, nursing homes, child care centres, and prisons. “It is getting worse every single day,” said state comptroller Daniel Hynes. “We are not paying bills for absolutely essential services. That is obscene.”
And this is just the beginning of it all too. When Apple reports an unexpected bad quarter, then we should all start to panic like hell.

July 5, 2010

With the US trapped in depression, this really is starting to feel like 1932 – Telegraph

But book collecting is “an acquired taste,” Mason notes. “If there are no bookstores, how does a young collector find out he’s a collector? If you don’t have exposure to older books, to other books – and where can you find such a thing except in a bookstore? – if kids aren’t coming into bookstores to look for the $5 book, they’re never going to discover the beauty and the pleasure in buying a $100 book or a $1,000 book.”
Exactly. The only people who will are the ones who would never read it to begin with — bankers, stockbrokers, film producers, and similar monied helots who need objects to measure the size of their dicks. If book collecting is what book publishing is counting on to preserve “The Book,” it’s all over. I know a guy whose basement is filled with toys and things he hoarded because he gambled on them being collectibles in twenty years. When he needed money and tried to sell them, he discovered what he really had — a basement full of junk. Antiques Roadshow will not save print publishing!

July 5, 2010

The collectible future – The Globe and Mail

Most of them [those who work on the Google search algorithm] – actually, all of them that I know – are really nice and freakishly brilliant. I’d highly recommend chatting with them or picking up a 20% project – there’s tons of awesome data and useful algorithms that are just sitting around. The publicly-exposed UI of Google is only the tip of the iceberg…there’s lots of interesting information that we know how to extract but haven’t figured out how to present to users in a way that would be useful for them.
Right there is the bit that should make everyone in print publishing shit their pants. Google isn’t UI-centric, like Apple. But that could happen at some point. And then Google will have a way of unleashing that data. When they do, publishing will have no chance of survival.

July 5, 2010

CinoBoo comments on Google employees on Reddit: Fire up your throwaway accounts and tell us what it’s REALLY like to work for google?