Barnes & Noble Versus Borders In Two Photos

Following up on the prior post, I’ve pulled two photos I took that exemplify the ridiculousness of Borders’ confidence in gaining any eBook marketshare.

Twitter was filled — overflowing! — with tweets when Barnes & Noble unveiled the Nook in its stores. This is what just about everyone will see when entering a store that carries the Nook:

BAM! It’s right there in your face when you walk in. And it’s bright and colorful and inviting.

Now let’s see how Borders is introducing its Kobo Reader:

It’s a dark and fugly metal industrial rack that you have to look for! And then there are no demo models. Off to the right side is a Sony-supplied kiosk for its Sony Reader. Which is similarly non-prominent.

Snap Quiz: You have to put your money down on one of these two to Win. Where would you put that money?


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