The “iPod Moment for eBooks” Is Over. Praise Jesus!

E-reader maker Interead have closed their doors


Not iPod:

I’ve been waiting for this turkey to drop dead — and now it seems it finally has.

Interead’s crappy Cool-er Reader debuted in a mountain of overblown hype and continued the hype machine for several irritating months.

All of the Net buzz about it was negative — the readers seemed to fall apart within weeks — and its bookstore was a frikkin horror of incompetency. I have never seen anyone with a Cool-er Reader in the wild and never saw anyone state they wanted to buy one over any other device.

Yet the company persisted in stating it had roaring sales, an actual market share, and intended to inflict new models on an innocent world.

I have no idea how the hell it was sustained for so long. I was beginning to wonder if it was secretly a money-laundering operation!


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