Don’t Mess With The Olive!

So I read this post about olives, and I came across this bit in the Comments:

Last year I went on a cruise with my wife. There was a nearly 80 year old gent who became the life of the ship – unbelievably funny, active and agile albeit overweight. When his wife was interviewed, she was asked “what is your husband’s favorite condiment”? To which she answered “ummm – It’s not a condiment, but he is eating olives constantly.” When he showed up a minute later, he was asked the same question, and said “I love olives – eat em by the handsfull”.

And I thought, OK … let’s go get these olive things.

So I ate a full jar in one sitting yesterday.

And then, an hour later, my intestinal tract goes RED ALERT! BATHROOM NOW!!!!

I had three Red Alerts in two hours.

No wonder that guy ate olives by the “handsfull” — it was all he could eat. The olives would dump everything else out of his system!

These were not the olives I ate, but now I’m wondering where I can get these …

Well, come on. This would be For Science!


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