“Louie” On The FX Channel

Louis C.K. has a new series on FX.

Prior to this, he had Lucky Louie on HBO. That was a show that descended into really disgusting humor at times. It made me cringe, but I kept coming back because of Pamela Adlon. It was also funny in an unintended way: Louis C.K. couldn’t deliver a line to save his life; he was just awful. All he had was a small repertoire of facial expressions (and most of those were also delivered unbelievably!). The show was — no surprise — cancelled after it first season.

Now he has Louie on FX.

Some people might see a similarity with Seinfeld, in that this series concentrates on the small things that happen in daily life …

But what sets it apart from that show and makes it far superior is the maturation of Louis C.K. himself. He can deliver a line now — hell, he can outright act.

And his directing is sometimes astonishing:

And this show is absolutely brilliant.

There was even a Dennis Potter Moment in one episode:

I don’t want to quote any of the dialogue or show much more than these photos. You really must see the show for yourself. This is a really great show — I expect it will win a ton of Emmy awards — and as much as I hate watching TV, this is one half hour I’ll be seeing every week.

So should you!


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