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Luxury Lit: A Book For $75,000

Kraken plans to charge $40,000 for a forthcoming book about the Ferrari automobile—a sum that could purchase an actual car, albeit a more prosaic one. The book features rare images of Enzo Ferrari’s villa and action inside Formula One racing pits, plus the signatures of all living Ferrari champion drivers. A hedge-fund manager has ordered 20 copies (just 399 will be issued) and is paying Kraken a quarterly fee to store the books in a climate-controlled facility, says Karl Fowler, CEO of parent company Opus Media Group.

Souvenirs for the money helots. Books that will never be read. Books meant never to be read!

“No one says, ‘I want to download the e-edition of this book.’ “

No, what they say is, Don’t touch that! It cost a fortune!!!


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