July 16, 2010

There has been a BP cover-up from day one.

Hell Has Come to South Louisiana | Dahr Jamail – Independent Reporting from Iraq and the Middle East


July 16, 2010


Mind If I Play A Tune On Your Ribs?

The classic Batman art I grew up with. Some days I really miss that. It was primitive but not cruel. Well, despite the BING BANG the Joker is getting there.

July 16, 2010

Prediction: In two months, iFixit will open an iPhone 4 and it will show an internal change.

Twitter / Mike Cane

July 16, 2010

Committing yourself to writing will mean, to a certain extent, your writing will become the most important part of your life – and that’s a big thing to say. It can have a distancing effect upon other relationships. It can be sometimes quite a solitary life. If you’re committed to writing, you’re going to spend most of your life indoors in a silent, empty room, concentrating on a pen and a piece of paper or their equivalent. Be prepared to take it seriously and be prepared to follow where it takes you, even if that takes you to some very strange places.

The Score | Trapped By Monsters

July 16, 2010

1960s Batman, take two. This photo should zoom to the size of my monitor when clicked on the upper right. It should look more like TV from back then. Update: OK, it doesn’t go as big as my monitor. Still, you can see this is not SD. It’s low-res SD!

What TV Looked Like In The 1960s

July 16, 2010

An episode of the 1960s TV series of Batman has landed on my hard drive. Due to complex rights issues that are still being argued over, this series has never appeared on DVD.

The episode I have was ripped from cable TV to a 240×320 video. When that’s blown up fullscreen on my monitor, it exactly resembles what I saw as a kid way back then. Well, minus the sometimes ghosting!

All of you sitting there with your 42-60” 1080p HDTVs, study this photo to see what you missed!

The video on my hard drive is, of course, in color. But I saw this series in glorious black & white, so I converted the screensnap to that.

You don’t need HD to enjoy something.

July 16, 2010

Every Doctor Who villain since 1963 – as a spreadsheet and visualised | News | guardian.co.uk