The Squatters In Your Mind

Over at Loud, Baldur linked to this post: Why Parents Hate Parenting

This is the salient bit:

It would be a pointless act of euthanasia to criticize the article, except that these popular press articles are more than bathroom reading, they are the template for how to think about these social issues, in the same way that you can’t think about Obama without resorting to language implanted by CNN or the New York Times. Try it. It’s impossible.

These articles offer you the freedom to argue about the conclusions, but trick you into accepting the form of the argument.

Oh yes indeedy. This is a neat trick and it’s very easy to fall into that trap.

I immediately thought of an episode of The Prisoner and thank god someone posted a good bit from it (not the bit I wanted, but close enough) on YouTube:

[Note to Tumblr Followers: For some odd reason, the embedded YouTube is not appearing in the Dashboard. Click through to the post itself to see that. It’s worth it.]

I concluded this years ago: We spend the first half of our lives having our head filled with shit by other people and the last half of our lives trying to track down and evict that shit.

What’s squatting in your head?


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