AVI Video On iPad: I Want To Believe

The link for it

But who to believe?

Didn’t know what to expect. Bought it anyways and to be fair it actually works. I have only tried avi and mkv. Avi worked very well and mkv did tend to stutter. Got it as a solution to put video on the iPad without lengthy conversion times. Adding full length avi movie files is quick. This app isn’t perfect but seems to have a great amount of potential.


Wow, cant believe this crapware got approved. Tried to play a simple divx and it was like watching a slideshow. Even the colors were off. So I hope an update comes quick or its delete time.

And then in this forum someone says it’s better on an iPad that has gone through jailbreak.

All I bloody want is an AVI video player that can do Dixx/Xvid on an iPad! Where is vlc? Why is this so hard to do?


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