Brain Whirr

This is for Alan Pritt, who gets stuck:

That night, at home, I was excited. I started reading two books, gave up on both in the first few pages, sat down, got up, turned on the TV, went to the living room, returned to the bedroom, rummaged through the bookshelves, sat down, ate ten apples, got up, took a hot shower, twenty minutes under the shower. Only then was I able to read. It wasn’t easy to write my outlines. Sometimes it was necessary to read three or four books to find something. I enjoyed that, not writing — I never liked writing — I liked to lie in bed reading, drifting off and waking up minutes later, going back to my reading, I would read a litfle and sleep, sometimes I would dream about passages from stories, wake up, read a bit more, eat, sleep, the whole night like that, reading and sleeping, and eating chocolate, mixing it all together in my head, sometimes I would also note something down on the computer, that’s how I worked.

From In Praise of Lies by Patricia Melo.

Although I wouldn’t put too much stock in that method. The character in question was a hack plagiarist!


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