As far as indie bookstores go – I worked at one for a year, and went to several ABA functions, including BEA in NYC. Stick a fork in the indies, they’re done. We did a survey of our customers when I got to the store and found out 80 percent of our buying customers – not browsers, but buying, paying customers – were over 60. We had younger people come in and browse, but they never bought anything. They would have conversations in the stacks about getting things cheaper on Amazon. We did events, etc. and it didn’t matter. The business model is outdated, and most store owners are in their 50s and 60s (at the youngest) and are looking to cash out before the bottom drops out with e-books. I don’t know one person who’s bought at our indie bookstore recently. I do know about 10 people who have bought Kindles. I am not a scientific study but I don’t see the model of the indie lasting too much longer.

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