What Feeds A Revolution

Ex-Officer Avoids Jail Time in Arrest of Times Square Bicyclist

The former officer, Patrick Pogan, had faced up to four years in prison, but will avoid any time behind bars. He also will not be placed on probation.

In April, a jury found Mr. Pogan guilty of filing a criminal complaint that contained false statements concerning a 2008 collision with Christopher Long, who was participating in a Critical Mass bike ride. Mr. Pogan’s complaint alleged that Mr. Long knocked him to the ground by intentionally steering his bicycle into him. But video footage of the episode, which was a viral presence on the Internet, showed that Mr. Pogan remained on his feet, while Mr. Long flew to the pavement.

He assaults a citizen with impunity, lies about it, and walks out of court a free man with no punishment whatsoever.

What was the good of having a video record showing him violating his duty and outright breaking the law?

What was the good of bringing this to court at all?

And what kind of jury would acquit this guy of outright lying? Were they even allowed to view the video or was that quashed in court?

This is absolutely disgusting.


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