July 31, 2010

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July 31, 2010

Yeah, as in Tech + Ecch (the sound of disgust).

So there’s a bit of frenzy going on about the Augen Gentouch Android tablet for $150, because it’s been in very short supply at Kmart.

Prior to this, there was a bit of frenzy over the Pandigital Novel, which was in short supply at Kohl’s, then pulled from the shelves for a firmware update.

Today I was reading the Slatedroid forums, to get up to speed on the Gentouch, in case one crosses my path when the money for it also crosses my path, and it hit me: This is a massive waste of time.

Because within the next two weeks, the Cruz Reader and Cruz Tablet will be out. These are a bit more expensive, but so what? The trade-off is that they most likely won’t require the time-consuming dicking around to make them flexible, as both the Pandigital Novel and the Gentouch do.

And I’m certain that before the Cruz devices go on sale, some other damn thing will be announced for sale that will create another frenzy.

Which is why it’s all tecch to me today.

July 31, 2010

In some ways the biggest influence on me writing was Punk. There was the idea that you could do something by simply doing it.

Neil Gaiman (via libraryland)