August 3, 2010


Writer Honore de Balzac

One of my writing gods. Others: Charles Baudelaire, Lafcadio Hearn, Gerard de Nerval, and Edgar Allan Poe.


Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy! Shut Up!

August 3, 2010

Tuesday Truths: Overpromotion

Everyone can think of someone who just goes too far. Their book doesn’t come out for a year. Their Twitter is 50 posts a day reminding you that they have a book coming out. They blog five times a week, and 4 of those posts are about their book. They set up a Facebook fan page for themselves, and invite you to join it on a daily basis.

That is precisely what helped kill MySpace.

Bulletins and emails were all Vote For Me Here, Buy My Book Next Week/Tomorrow/For Your Bar Mitzvah, etc.

Crap, I was once young and eager like that.

And it was the worst mistake I ever made in my writing life.

People have to come to you. Otherwise you’re nothing but another annoying goddammed TV commercial that no one wants to pay attention to.

It’s the work that does the attracting, not you.

If your work is damned good, word of mouth will do more than any marketing campaign you could ever dream of.

So, you: Shut The Fuck Up. Let the readers do the talking.

And your job is to write. Not to sell the writing.

Great writing will sell itself.

Just write. Every day. Every damn day. Get it out there. And write more and more. And get that out there too. Repeat and repeat and repeat.

And if that all sounds like too much work, get the hell out of the way of those who have no other choice and must do that.

August 3, 2010

Here’s another version of that screensnap from Amazon: The Handmaiden Of Satan. It can be clicked to make bigger.

Amazon: The Handmaiden Of Satan

August 3, 2010

Let me recap for the newcomers:

1) Sony was first to the mass-market eBook device market
2) Then Amazon came along with the Kindle and stole it from Sony
3) The Kindle was a design horror in version 1 and no better in version 2
4) Kindle alienated me by bad product design and failing to adopt ePub for eBooks
5) Nevertheless, Kindle has won and is now the standard for eBooks
6) ePub is dead (keep your Nook, but sell that Sony Reader)

Anyway, until point five, I avoided Amazon. Didn’t even have an account there. Would only use it very rarely to check to see if a book title existed or was in print (for out of print, I used ABEBooks — which Amazon then went and bought!).

So, now, today we’re at post-point five. And I have an Amazon account. I set it up last week.

But I’m not buying anything with it.

Yet Amazon must have studied Advanced Temptation from Satan himself, because I’ve now wound up with Kindle for PC on my desktop and this has been the result:

Those are all free Kindle eBook samples. Except the two highlighted in light blue at the bottom. Those are absolutely free full Kindle books from large publishers.

And there is more than that one screen.

And I could get all of that despite no payment method yet linked to my Amazon account. No credit card, no debit card, not even a gift card.

Now is that Advanced Temptation or what?

I don’t like where this could be heading.

Especially since Kindle has books no other ebookstore has.

My soul! My soul!

August 3, 2010


(via bookshelves)

This photo really disgusts and horrifies me. There’s a flood coming! Now try to flee with those books to protect them. There’s a fire next door — good luck running away with those. You’re forced to move and can’t afford any help — doesn’t that idea make you want to sit down and just give up the breath of life? I can’t take paper books any more! Things! Things! All I want are the words inside them!

August 3, 2010

Once he had the Mac address, Kamkar then showed how it was possible to use a geo-location feature to interrogate a Google database that was created when Google was collecting data for its Street View feature as it links Mac addresses with location. And it really was as simple as that.

Warning! You can be found and Hacker demonstrates how | Geek with Laptop

Mike, in your Tumblr dashboard, to the right, is a little rectangle saying "Following * People". Mouseover it and a little gear appears. Click the gear and you'll be taken to a page showing all of the people you follow and your top 9 of people who you have hearted (and possibly reblogged, I'm not sure). Those are your 'Tumblr crushes'.

August 3, 2010

Good god! I had no idea. Thanks!