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Tuesday Truths: Overpromotion

Everyone can think of someone who just goes too far. Their book doesn’t come out for a year. Their Twitter is 50 posts a day reminding you that they have a book coming out. They blog five times a week, and 4 of those posts are about their book. They set up a Facebook fan page for themselves, and invite you to join it on a daily basis.

That is precisely what helped kill MySpace.

Bulletins and emails were all Vote For Me Here, Buy My Book Next Week/Tomorrow/For Your Bar Mitzvah, etc.

Crap, I was once young and eager like that.

And it was the worst mistake I ever made in my writing life.

People have to come to you. Otherwise you’re nothing but another annoying goddammed TV commercial that no one wants to pay attention to.

It’s the work that does the attracting, not you.

If your work is damned good, word of mouth will do more than any marketing campaign you could ever dream of.

So, you: Shut The Fuck Up. Let the readers do the talking.

And your job is to write. Not to sell the writing.

Great writing will sell itself.

Just write. Every day. Every damn day. Get it out there. And write more and more. And get that out there too. Repeat and repeat and repeat.

And if that all sounds like too much work, get the hell out of the way of those who have no other choice and must do that.


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