A Tiered Internet Is An Act Of War


Jeff Jarvis has an emotional investment in Google because he wrote a book about them.

I have no such emotional stake to risk.

Google has become evil.

That point of no return happened when they tried to steal all of the out-of-print books without any compensation to writers or their estates and had to be brought to court because of it.

Now that Google is one of the largest consumers of bandwidth on the planet, its scale puts it in the cross-hairs of the ISP monopolies that our corrupt politicians have allowed to flourish from coast-to-coast.

This is a recipe for disaster.

There is no justification at all for Internet price or access tiering.

To do that would be to sabotage the global competitiveness of the United States — which is already piss-poor when compared to bandwidth speeds and pricing in other First World nations.

Do any of you think people will react peacefully to discovering their wired Internet access has been turned into stingy data quotas at the confiscatory rates charged for wireless Internet access by cellphone carriers?

Hell no.

A tiered Internet would be a declaration of war against everyone but the very rich.

People have gotten fed up with being screwed in this country.

Go on, provoke the hackers and everyone else. You’ll see the gates of hell you’ve opened then.


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