The Whiny Impotent Bleatings Of The Screwed-Up Bleeding Hearts Who Will Kill Us All

Oh cry me a river here.

Sympathy for the Devil

Get this line of bullshit:

They’ll mete out hurt just like I sometimes do when I treat people with contempt, when I spend more money on books in a single year than I’ve ever given to charity


Two things:

1) You should know better than that if this bit is true:

I grew up in a world not unlike Moat’s world; a council estate, a working-class world filled with the poor, uneducated, illiterate, drunk, unemployed and criminal; a world in which cop-hating was compulsory, habitual, unexamined. I understand this permanent swell of rage. I understand, and I grew up with men and women like the men and women on the Moat sites, but the size of their hatred has floored me.

2) If you want to waste precious money by giving it to the Charitocracy — those who allegedly labor for the “good of others” yet still manage to pull down six-figure salaries because, as the example of Jesus showed, Good Works Should Pay Well — go ahead, but stop spraying us with your weakling misplaced guilt about buying books!

You sickos who are so eager to splay your hearts for public exhibition, to prove how much you “care” (and that’s a lie!), like to ignore some basic facts:

1) The entire world started out poor. No one ever allowed poverty and frustration to excuse murder, rape, robbery, violence, or vandalism. The human race would have died out ages ago, had they.

2) You got out of poverty, so why can’t they also do it? Gee, do you think maybe it’d be a great idea for those people to shut off their fucking televisions and start reading books? Ya think?

3) There is no excuse for any killing that is not done in the heat of immediate physical threat to life and limb. None. You had a bad day? Was it this bad? No? Then shut up and do some work to improve your day.

4) Sympathy for the devil is aiding and abetting the Devil. Go kill yourself.


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