August 9, 2010

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August 9, 2010

No Sunlight Singing is a 1960 novel about Australian Aborigines and the injustices they suffer. It is set in the Northern Territory in the 1930s and 1940s, and tells the story of Mary, a young part-Aboriginal struggling against prejudice and sexual exploitation by white men.

The book reflects the conditions witnessed by the author, Joe “Yorky” Walker, who spent years in northern Australia as an outback worker and union leader.

No Sunlight Singing has been out of print for many years, but now it is made freely available on this website.

No Sunlight Singing – Australian Novel by Joe Walker

August 9, 2010

What’s really important about this iteration of the Kindle DX is what’s going on inside: or, more specifically, its new Pearl E Ink display that’s purported to boast a 50 percent improved contrast ratio than its predecessor. While we don’t have the previous generation DX, we do have the Kindle 2 to compare (in addition to the Nook and a first gen Kindle). The new DX has — by a good margin — the best contrast ratio of all those devices. This screen is downright crisp; in fact, it might be a bit too crisp for our tastes, mostly because we’re so used to looking at cheaply printed books and less attractive E Ink displays. In that way, the DX is a big step forward: it achieves exactly what it claims.

The refresh rate on this big boy is improved, too — but then, where could it have gone but up? E Ink refresh rates simply cannot compete with LCDs or physical books. Our own experience also found that the refresh rate of the Nook (with its latest software update) is now about on par with this new Kindle refresh rate, so it’s fair to say that some of the competition is catching up. Regardless, with this unit, we felt enough latency in the refresh rate to be bothered by it, but e-reader enthusiasts or people who really need to travel with an arsenal or reading material are probably more than willing to let that slide in the face of the other advantages.

Amazon Kindle DX Graphite review — Engadget

August 9, 2010

Marjorie Scardino, chief executive of Pearson, which owns Penguin, may detest the ‘swooshy’ sound you get when you turn the pages on an ebook – ‘it’s just bloody annoying’

Scardino, the Jackal and the battle of ebook royalties | Mail Online

Paging TV Producer Mark Burnett

August 9, 2010

ABC renews ‘Shark Tank,’ adds Jeff Foxworthy

I really love Shark Tank.

The main problem has been ABC doesn’t understand what to do with this program.

Neither, really, does Mark Burnett.

I’ve read Burnett’s book [Amazon and Kindle]. He started out selling T-shirts at a California boardwalk. He knows what risk is.

But he’s not being ambitious enough here.

Shark Tank is so filled with layers that it really deserves to be an entire cable TV channel in and of itself.

Right now, the economy is in the toilet and there’s no light at the end of this abyss.

People are looking for ways to get out of this mess in their own lives.

People stuck at home dispatching resume after resume would tune into this like addicts. It’d be bigger than CNBC during the dotcom boom

If Burnett doesn’t see how this can be done, contact me. I do.

Some of these stats are really gruesome. And many of these stats are really self-inflicted wounds.

August 9, 2010 / Media – Magazine circulation fails to rebound despite rise in ads

August 9, 2010

The e-book revolution might affect the publishing industry with devastating consequences, but the important thing for me to do as a writer is roll with the punches.

e-Books From an Author’s Point of View