eBooks: The New “Plastics”

Demand Media’s Curious IPO

Now, I know that Demand Media is supposedly the future of the way content will be created on the Internet. But I have to wonder: if a company can’t make money when it is one of the most popular web properties—more traffic than ESPN, NBC, and Time Warner’s websites put together, says Wired—when will it ever make money?

Oh, it’s so simple to see. After the IPO, they will announce an expansion into eBooks. Because eBooks are the New Thing, what with all those luscious iPads out there — and that new Kindle 3 too.

There will be no need to bother with non-fiction books that are the product of in-depth research from people who poured their hearts into something and did the work. No. Just grab the shallow instabook from Demand Media and fool yourself into thinking you’ve been informed, if not actually enlightened!


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