In 2007, sales for mass markets declined 2.0% with sales of $1.1 billion”. In 2008, total sales for mass markets was down 3.0% with $1.1 billion in sales. In 2009, total sales for mass market were $1.0 billion, a decrease of 4% for the year. In 2010, the sales are down even more. As of May (our most recent statistic), sales are down 7.3% for the year.

May: down 14.6% $54.6

April: down 17.7% $49.1

March: down 18.1% $53.6

February: The Adult Mass Market category increased 1.9 percent for February with sales totaling $49.8 million; sales were also up by 0.6 percent year-to-date.

January: down 0.5% $56.0

The last year mass markets saw an increase was in 2006. The increase in 2006 was 4.6% and sales were at $1.1 billion. Amazon predicts that digital sales at Amazon will overtake mass market sales soon.

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