The Amazon Message Boards

I’d heard tales about these. But until reality bludgeoned me into getting a Kindle, I stayed away from them.

In fact, after dipping into just one, I’m still going to stay away from them.

I happened upon this thread entirely by accident through a link on a page with a book I was getting a sample of: Someone buy me friggin’ book! .. I’m holding me tooth in with supaglue

Here are the things that frightened me (and I didn’t go past the first page to unveil possible other horrors):

How about you offer it for 99 cents, and I will gladly buy it and review it.


3.99 is a bit high for a new writer, imho. Normally I stay under 2$ for new indies

And from the same person as that one:

I honestly rarely even purchase trad-pub books for > 5$

Someone else:

I agree that $3.99 is kind of high for an unknown

And someone else:

I have 966 ebooks on my K2i right now. All were free except for four of them.

Someone else:

I might think about it once some reviews start showing up, but with the $2 Whispernet fee, it’s $5.99 for me here in Canada

His book was $3.99. A measly four bucks! And people griped that was too high!

All of them can use the reason of him being an indie, but how many of those people would walk into a print bookstore and try to negotiate down the price of a printed book from an unknown writer? Or would that be “different” because the perception is inherent in the packaging? The perception being:

1) Someone else liked this enough to publish it

2) The company edited, proofread, designed, and formatted this

3) The writing must be “good enough’ if it was published

That’s just three points off the top of my head.

The larger issue is this: These Kindle owners have paid near or above $300 for their devices. And they still complain over risking $3.99! Even when Amazon is providing a free sample (the online equivalent of being able to thumb through a printed book).

What do you think will happen to eBook prices when that Holy Grail $99.00 device happens?

Suddenly a $9.99 eBook is no bargain. Because the device itself is at a “disposable” price.

If you don’t think eBook prices are on their way to collapsing, you haven’t been thinking all of this through.


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