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I should stay the hell away from iPad posts here. That’s what the other place is for, but this is also book-related, so I twist the rules a bit.

iPad Reading Leap Marginalizes Kindle Hardware – But Not Kindle Reader…

Having now had the chance to test iPad as a reader on many different types of book, I’m happy to say that this is without question the best reading device I’ve seen so far. It’s good enough that within ten minutes of installing the Kindle Reader software on it, I transferred every single one of the books on my Kindle onto the iPad. Because that’s where I’ll be doing all my reading from now on.

Well, there’s my point that the iPad won’t kill Kindle. The Kindle will live on as a parasite inside the iPad and other devices.

This bit is odd…

Watching what’s been happening with Kindle prices over the past few weeks, it seems to me that the iPad may now marginalize the Kindle, instead of killing it outright, because Amazon has been smart enough to see the writing on the eInk and dramatically cut its prices. If you can afford only $140 or so, you might still want to buy a Kindle. But if you can stretch your finances to an iPad, you will – and you should.

Odd because others with both eInk devices and iPad have said they won’t be giving up their eInk devices for reading over the iPad.

For Owners, iPad Is Now Go-To Reading Device

Giving ammunition to the “iPad Will Save Reading” camp, 31% of iPad users prefer their iPad to their laptop, mobile phone, e-reader and print media for reading newspapers and magazines

Just 31%? Say 1 in 3. So that still leaves room for eInk devices. And I think this confirms it:

And moreover 41% of iPad owners prefer the iPad for reading books, which bodes well for iPad apps like iBooks, Kindle for iPad, and Barnes and Noble.

But people are fickle. How many would drop an eInk device if Apple releases a seven-inch screen iPad?


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