Aug 13th, 2010 6:54am

Oracle Sues Google: Patent/Copyright Violations

Oracle sues Google over Android and Java

Back when Google first announced plans to develop Android in 2007, it immediately raised the blood pressure of Java developers at Sun. Google’s Java implementation is different than the one advocated by a Java standards group, which worried those tech industry veterans who remember the problems that Microsoft caused for Java by following a similar path on Windows.

That’s the news story.

A reading of the suit reveals that it’s based on just seven patents, as well as various Copyrights. Google will have to try to knock out the patents, showing prior art or prior filings Oracle/Sun never knew. The Copyright infringement will be harder to do. And bringing Copyright into it makes me wonder why they don’t also go for DMCAs against Google for areas that might apply.

This is an excellent analysis:

Major developer turns attention to Google’s Android

Google’s affection for Android will snap off faster than a psychopath on a mission. Company employees have already stated that Google plans to wean Android off into web apps as soon as possible, and while right now is much to soon, a big lawsuit from Oracle could force Google’s schedule into overdrive. Ever wonder exactly why the company was pushing so much effort into improving JavaScript performance? That’s Google’s real platform engine. Dalvik/Java+ was just a red herring.

How many people will want a phone that winds up having no apps?

This is a very interesting development that now gives HP/Palm’s webOS a real shot at life. If Android becomes crippled due to this suit, the only alternative to Apple’s iOS will be webOS. I don’t see Chrome gaining immediate traction. Look how long it took for Android to start moving forward.


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