Aug 1st, 2010 12:25pm

The eBook Three: Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble

Kindle, Nook Ready to Dominate E-Reader Market – Desktops and Notebooks from eWeek

I agree with this assessment in terms of eBook hardware.

But they’re forgetting Google.

What will Google do?

What sort of pricing pressure will Google exert on the market?

Because some pricing pressure is going to be necessary. In a tripartite eBook world of Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble, it’s inevitable that eBook prices will rise.

When — I no longer think it’s an if — Sony pulls out, that will do away with its bookstore too, leaving one less seller to compete.

Amazon is all about book sales, so it will push Kindle as long as it possibly can against other devices.

Apple has its iPad. But selling eBooks is really just a minor added feature for that company.

Barnes & Noble has retail presence both in its stores and Best Buy, so people can fondle before buying and it needs the Nook to succeed to stay in business.

How does Google fit in?

We all wait to see.

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