Aug 1st, 2010 1:51pm

The American Spectator : Contra Fabrizio: A Paean to My Book…and to the Future of E-Books

Predictably, Sloth was a nightmare for my agent to sell. Before it was picked up by Greenpoint Press, a six-year-old, not-for-profit press, it was rejected at least twenty-five times. Several editors at commercial houses expressed interest, only to be overruled by colleagues and executive editors. The argument against it was always that the target audience was too narrow to be profitable — undoubtedly true … if you only take into account the print version.

Perhaps, though, Sloth was a more natural fit as an e-book all along. The idea is strange — and certain to unnerve devotees of the printed-page like Lisa Fabrizio. The old paradigm of the electronic edition of a book as a mere reproduction of the print version remains dominant for the time being. But the e-book format has the potential to be much more than a reproduction. How would a book like mine tap that potential?

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