Aug 3rd, 2010 10:35am

eBook Notes For August 3, 2010

1) If Sony does not announce a new Reader for the Christmas/holiday buying season, they’ll announce their withdrawal from eBooks early next year — most likely in January, after they’ve blown out their stock and taken all the money from suckers.

2) After the press Amazon has gotten lately — eBook sales stats, Stieg Larsson selling one million eBooks, and the new lower-priced Kindle 3 — is there anyone who is really going to buy anything other than a Kindle as a device strictly for eBooks? No.

3) The biggest question of 2011 will be: How do I get these ePub ebooks I bought and paid for on my new Kindle?

4) The Copyright Office will have its hands full dealing with angry people — and politicians made angry by those angry people — dealing with #3. Stripping DRM for format-shifting could become legal. The alternative is to provide some means of redownloading in Kindle format for free. I wonder what issues of liability this will bring up for publishing?

5) Foxit killed their eBook device today. Good riddance. It joins iRex and Plastic Logic and Cool-er in the deadpool. Soon to jump into that pool too: Aluratek and ECTACO and several other names only we on the Internet have ever heard of (and will be glad to forget!). Sharp, don’t even bother with your crazy new eBook format. (It doesn’t matter that Sharp already has books in that format in Japan. So did Sony, for its Librie. That went away too.)


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