Aug 7th, 2010 10:58am

Whiny White Male

So this morning I was at a public place I will not disclose. All I can say is that it had tables and movable chairs.

As I go to select a chair, this guy says to me, without any shame of saying it to a stranger: “People don’t put the fucking chairs back. People are fucking pigs.”

Um…. OK. But let me tell you what those two sentences did for me right there: It gave me a glimpse into how some people might have been viewing my fuck-filled Twitterstream. OK, so Ding! Point finally made.

But wait, there’s more, as the TV spiels go.

He then says this: “Next time, I’m coming back as black, a Jew, or a bitch.”

That is a direct quote (as is everything else herein within quote marks).

He said that, out loud, to another person he never set eyes on before.

He takes a seat and someone joins him. And he starts going to into a rap I could not believe. My head is still spinning from it and I don’t recall what his opening gambit was, but all of it was pure trash. And he was speaking — as such people will — loud enough for anyone (meaning me!) close by to hear.

I don’t know what the segue way — because this guy was really all over the map — but he got onto the subject of gays and AIDS. The phrase “gay Mafia” was used. He claimed that every male actor in Hollywood was gay. He named Tom Cruise (there have been rumors, but hell, he married Katie Holmes, so give him some credit!), Brad Pitt(!), and — wait for it! — Harrison Ford(!!) were all gay. As if he had first-hand knowledge of this via “insiders” (his word) he knew. He said any time a male actor was described as a “ladies’ man,” that was a tip-off.

Then he went on about how AIDS safe sex education is nothing but a smokescreen because no heterosexual male could ever contract AIDS through heterosexual sex and how Magic Johnson was probably having gay sex on the side! His partner in this verbal crime spree chimed in about how condoms are being given out to everybody basically because of a gay conspiracy to corrupt everyone — especially children!

As if this wasn’t enough, the guy — the first one — claimed to have a daughter (wow, what poor woman ever got involved with this first-class dick?) who did a photograph of a famous sports guy for a magazine I will not name (I will not name it because this guy, the speaker, is an ambulatory bag of poison and siccing the Internet on him would only puncture that and make it spread). Like I said, this guy’s train of thought was a wreck.

At one point, someone else came over. And this is what he said to the guy: “Everything is being run by crooked Jews, so that must make it hard for you.”

Yep: He was saying that to someone who was Jewish!

And, if you thought in my Twitterstream I used the words “fuck” and “fucking” liberally, you would have had a heart attack listening to this guy! He used it far more than I ever have.

Some of you might have formed a picture of this guy’s physical form. You are wrong.

He looked somewhat like Bill O’Reilly (yes, he of Fox News). He was tall, maybe 6’2″, and had a good physique with no beer gut. He was not ugly, physically wretched, or had any air of financial impoverishment about him.

So really, what the bloody hell does this guy have to complain about?

What is it his business what other people do in their bedrooms?

Why does he think being black, or a Jew, or “a bitch” would magically make his life better or easier?

Where did he ever get the idea that “crooked Jews” are running things?

I am really, really sick of people whining. And this guy, he was the King of Whining. He was an overgrown spoiled brat with the sense of entitlement that is bringing this nation to ruin.

And he had no shame saying everything he did, loud enough for anyone else nearby to hear. As if he was delivering the Sermon on the Mount to free the Oppressed White Male.

Let me tell all of you this: If you are like that guy, I’d rather be “oppressed” than ever look to someone like you as my potential liberator!

I don’t give a damn how bad things get in this country — and let me tell you they are going to become unimaginably bad — you won’t find me blaming blacks, or “crooked Jews,” or “bitches” for any of it.

And any of you who think that way, do this nation a favor right now: Kill yourself. Because your sick, twisted thinking is only going to make the recovery of this nation a more difficult job than it needs to be.

And until your life gets this bad, you have absolutely nothing to whine about.

Grow up and stop being a goddammed child.


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