Aug 8th, 2010 5:34pm

People Ask Questions

I can’t reply in this Tumblr, under Notes (or haven’t found a way to). I won’t use DISQUS (which has me DISQUSted).

So, here goes:

cascading said: Do you still want an iPad too?

Yes, because I need it. Now I need a Kindle too.

seltzerlizard said: I am, of course, intensely curious as to what the two books are. I don’t expect you to tell me, nor would I reveal them to anyone else, but they obviously either mean something to you or are really excellent books. 🙂

I’ll wait until the publisher has fixed the formatting of the books so people won’t get screwed. They really are unreadable in their present state and no publisher should take — or be given — money for that.

jhnbrssndn said: OR, get an iPhone or an iPad and get the free Kindle app. Now I’ve got an iPad I’m having to stop myself buying all the great books available for it.

I’ve done the small-screen LCD bit, reading MobiPocket on my LifeDrive. I’d like something bigger. I don’t want to tote around a heavier and very expensive and theft-tempting iPad outside here in NYC. So, that’s where the Kindle 3 will come in.

I am a shell of my former self now.


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