Aug 9th, 2010 2:49pm

Google Sells Out The Internet

A joint policy proposal for an open Internet

Questions no one is asking:

1) Who is Google that it has become the spokesman for all of the Internet?

– Microsoft was once the spokesman for all things computing.

2) Who is Verizon that it gets to intimidate the entire Internet?

– Verizon wasn’t always the biggest player in its pond.

3) Why do two American companies get to dictate the Internet to the world?

4) What is happening in other countries?

In every country, there must be a major bandwidth consumer and a major backbone carrier. How come I haven’t read of skirmishes like this happening in England, in France, in Germany, in Japan, in South Korea?

I smell rats.

Google has plans.

Google has YouTube, which has helped displace the TV networks. Google also has a big investment in energy (energy monitoring is specifically mentioned in the above!).

Verizon has greed.

Someone must have analyzed the traffic over its network and determined that there should be more money made from that. They went after Google first. Who’s next?

The Internet has been sold out.

What startups or plans are out there that now have to react to this? How many of those startups or plans now have to be changed or scrapped? How high has the entry bar been raised now for new entrants? How much is this going to now cost all of us?


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