Aug 9th, 2010 8:06pm

Paging TV Producer Mark Burnett

ABC renews ‘Shark Tank,’ adds Jeff Foxworthy

I really love Shark Tank.

The main problem has been ABC doesn’t understand what to do with this program.

Neither, really, does Mark Burnett.

I’ve read Burnett’s book [Amazon and Kindle]. He started out selling T-shirts at a California boardwalk. He knows what risk is.

But he’s not being ambitious enough here.

Shark Tank is so filled with layers that it really deserves to be an entire cable TV channel in and of itself.

Right now, the economy is in the toilet and there’s no light at the end of this abyss.

People are looking for ways to get out of this mess in their own lives.

People stuck at home dispatching resume after resume would tune into this like addicts. It’d be bigger than CNBC during the dotcom boom

If Burnett doesn’t see how this can be done, contact me. I do.


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